Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry

Treatment methods include psychotherapy and medication management.

Ilana B. Kulman, M.D. is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to children, adolescents, and adults.  After careful and thoughtful evaluation, a treatment plan will be developed in collaboration with the patient to ensure goal directed care that meets the patient's needs.


"Every patient is a unique individual with complexities that can best be understood through careful consideration, patience, and empathy. While psychotropic medication is often indicated, I believe that treatment must incoorporate an exploration of psychological factors along with an understanding of an individual's social support system.  It is my belief that regular exercise, good nutrition, and sleep hygiene are integral in establishing and maintaining wellness.  By approaching symptoms from multiple treatment modalities, I find that patients can recover quickly and sustain these improvements over time."      

Dr. Kulman is committed to providing the best outpatient care possible; therefore, your feedback will always be greatly appreciated and valued.

Offices are located in the Upper West Side and Upper East Side neighborhoods of Manhattan.  Current office hours are available Monday through Friday with flexible times.  

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